Santoor with sandal And almond milk


Santoor Almond Soft is a gentle, creamy bathing soap that gives your skin a much-needed boost. For when your skin feels rough and coarse, this rich-lathering soap restores its natural suppleness. Made with soothing natural ingredients such as Sandalwood and Almond Milk, your skin gets the nourishment it needs at one go. The deep acting ingredients of Sandalwood and Almond Milk softens and moisturizes your skin giving you a younger looking skin. Did you know, Sandalwood is known for its antiseptic and lightening properties, while Almond Milk is famous for its deep moisturising abilities? Both elements work to restore your inherent beauty, leading to lovely, glowing skin. Santoor Almond Soft Soap makes the bathing experience simply luxurious.

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