Ullas desi 3 in 1 sambrani


Desi Sambrani is pure and Natural. It is made from the finest herbs, Jalmaddi powder, Alominds and guggal resins, that give it a sweet and natural fragrance.  3 packs of 30 pieces each =90 pieces. Ullas Pure Sambrani, mainly used for puja purposes, is hand-rolled which gives you an authentic experience.

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11 N, 125g*4+1, L 4N, M 4N, M 7N, 1piece, 2piece, 3piece, 4piece, 5piece, 6piece, 7 pieces, 8 pieces, 10 Pieces, 12piece, 14 pieces, 15 pieces, 16 pieces, 20 pieces, 28 pieces, 30piece, 30N, 50piece, 45ml, 72 Pices, 150N


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