Unity Basmati Rice


Unity Basmati Biryani Rice, a quality product from the house of India Gate Basmati Rice is the perfect choice to serve the most royal of all rice delicacies, Biryani. Appreciated by chefs and bulk caterers alike, this special product is customized to suit the common Indian kitchen! It is ideal for cooking any version of biryani from across India. Whether you’re cooking it for a large gathering at a get-together, or for a special serving for close family members, this rice is set to impress your family and guests again and again. The debate on best biryani rice settles with Unity Basmati Biryani Rice.

Unity Basmati Biryani Rice is an appropriate option for longer durations of cooking, especially when signature biryani ingredients like vegetables and meat are involved. It is treated through a special process called “Advanced Hydration Technique” which helps preserve the signature basmati aroma and length of the grains and enables more servings than any other rice in the market. India Gate Unity Basmati Rice is defined by its consistency of grains, that remain fluffy and delectable even after a long duration of cooking.

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